BA/BS Anthropology & History

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About the Program

The BA Anthropology & History program is a captivating journey into the tapestry of human societies, merging the study of cultural evolution with the exploration of historical narratives.

This interdisciplinary program offers a holistic understanding of the past, blending anthropological perspectives on societies and cultures with a nuanced exploration of historical events. It equips with a comprehensive toolkit for analysing human experiences across time, fostering critical thinking and research skills. The program cultivates a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and historical contexts, and prepares for careers in research, heritage management, and roles that require a nuanced understanding of the human story.

Advantage @DGU

  • Dehradun - A Safe, Beautiful & Cosmopolitan Education City.
  • Bundle of Industry Integrated Value Added Certificates.
  • Students from 23 States & 5 Countries on campus.
  • Multiple Placements for all.
  • More than 250+ Companies for Campus Placement.
  • Possibilities of International Exposure.
  • Separate in campus Girls & Boys hostels with Modern Sporting & Gym facilities.

USPs of the Program

Interdisciplinary Synergy

Experience the synergy between anthropology and history, fostering a unique academic environment that encourages interdisciplinary connections and innovative thinking.

Digital Archiving Skills

Develop digital archiving skills, combining traditional research methods with cutting-edge technologies for the preservation and accessibility of historical and anthropological records.

Critical Thinking

Develop sharp analytical skills to decode the complexities of cultural evolution and historical events.

Community Engagement

Connect with communities through fieldwork, internships, and projects, gaining valuable insights into the practical applications of anthropology and history in addressing societal challenges.

Global Field Experiences

Participate in global field experiences, allowing to explore and analyze diverse cultural landscapes firsthand, contributing to a broader understanding of human societies and historical contexts.

Career Opportunities

  • Anthropologist
  • Historical Researcher/Analyst
  • Cultural Resource Manager
  • Cultural Anthropologist
  • Cultural Heritage Manager
  • Public Historian
  • Policy Analyst
  • Media and Journalism

Course Structure

Semester I Semester II
Subjects Credits Subjects Credits
Knowledge Theory and Practice 3 Social and Political Formations 3
Philosophy, Aesthetics and Ethics 3 History of Ideas 3
Science of Living 3 Biological Anthropology 3
Introduction to Anthropology 3 History of Early India 3
Pre and Proto History of India 3 Introduction to Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology 3
Cultural Anthropology 3 OPEN ELECTIVE 2 2
Semester III Semester IV
Subjects Credits Subjects Credits
Environmental Studies 3 Scientific Enquiry 3
Archaeology 3 Ethnographic Writing 3
Society and Culture in Medieval India 3 History of the World Wars 3
Minor Paper 1 3 Minor Paper 2 3
Linguistic Anthropology 3 Archaeological Fieldwork 3
Society and Culture in Medieval India 3 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval world 3
Research Methods in Anthropology 3 Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Medieval world 2
Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient World 3 OPEN ELECTIVE 4 2
Semester V Semester VI
Subjects Credits Subjects Credits
Indian Civilizations 3 History Of Southeast Asia-The 20TH Century 3
Scientific Enquiry 2 Applied Anthropology 3
Internship 2 Cultural Heritage and Preservation 3
History Of Southeast Asia-The 19TH Century 3 Individual society and Nations 3
Minor Paper 3 3 Minor Paper 4 4
Human Evolution 3 Capstone Project 4
Seminar in Anthropology 3
Open Elective 5 2

Suggested Minors:

1. Sociology

Sociology Minor
S. No. Title of the Course Credits
1 Introduction to Sociology 3
2 Political Sociology 3
3 Urban Sociology 3
4 Sociology of Work 3

2. Psychology

Psychology Minor
S. No. Title of the Course Credits
1 Introduction to Psychology 3
2 Employee Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling 3
3 Basic Psychometric 3
4 History of Psychology 3

3. Political Science

Political Science Minor
S. No. Title of the Course Credits
1 Introduction to Political Science 3
2 Political Processes and Dynamics of State Politics in India 3
3 Ideology and Politics 3
4 Human rights 3

4. English

English Minor
S. No. Title of the Course Credits
1 Graphic narratives 3
2 Indian writing in English 3
3 Literature and cinema 3
4 History of English Literature 3


To pursue this program student must have

Min. 60% in XII with appereance in National Level Entrance Examinaiton + Online Interview + Writing Test ( Merit on the basis of cumulative Score on the basis of X+XII + Online Interview + Writing Test )

How to Apply

In order to pursue this program, the students can talk to our counceller or use links below for further details:

Student Speak

Dhruv Tripathi

I am delighted to say that the faculties and the staff has helped me to achieve these dreams. Here, I not only had the chance to develop on my technical skills but also on other aspects such as Leadership & Management skills.

Saswati Pattjoshi

⁠I am very thankful to the department faculty and the placement cell that helped me achieve this while guiding me at every stage. My experience with the placement procedure was really great as I got to learn a lot. The placement cell is very well versed about each step.

Satyam Shekhar

⁠It is a great experience being at DBSGU. Our CDC department has helped a lot during the process of placement. They make sure that each student is well prepared for the interview.

Jyoti Nainwal

I am really thankful towards our college and placement cell, for supporting and providing us opportunities to learn interview skills, communication skills and guiding us in placements. The staff was supportive and informed us with enough notice regarding every placement drive.

Clubs & Activities Endless activities to get you relexed & refreshed when you are not studying

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Placements Enjoy Everyday while
Ensuring Great Career

At DBSGU each student gets the opportunity to appear for more than 250+ companies each year and each student is able to get the optimum placement deserved. The maximum take home salary has been Rs. 20.5 Lakhs & CTC 23.5 Lakhs. Based on the intensity of training and exposure involved in the management program chosen by students at DBSGU, they are offered positions ranging from Mid-level Manager, Functional Expert, Consultant (Entry Level), Entry Level Managerial and Domain Trained positions.

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