About MBA Program Portfolio

DBS Global University's MBA portfolio offers a dynamic array of specialized programs tailored for diverse career paths.

The programs encompass Marketing, HR, Finance, International Business, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics with SAS Certification, and Media and Creative Communication. Each MBA program is meticulously designed to provide cutting-edge knowledge, industry relevance, and practical skills, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for leadership roles in their chosen domains. With a commitment to fostering innovation, global perspectives, and holistic professional development, programmes stand as a beacon for those aspiring to excel in the complex and evolving landscape of business and management.

Advantage @DGU

  • Dehradun - A Safe, Beautiful & Cosmopolitan Education City.
  • Bundle of Industry Integrated Value Added Certificates.
  • Students from 23 States & 5 Countries on campus.
  • Multiple Placements for all.
  • More than 250+ Companies for Campus Placement.
  • Possibilities of International Exposure.
  • Separate in campus Girls & Boys hostels with Modern Sporting & Gym facilities.

Placements Enjoy Everyday while
Ensuring Great Career

Placement is an independent activity managed by the career development cell & the students on their own through their nominated committee member, under the overall guidance of an experienced Placement Coordinator. Moreover, the activities calendar of DBSGU has incorporated a number of activities which have been designed to promote industry interaction. Relationship building with Corporates through rich knowledge exchange helps build a trust in DBSGU capabilities to nurture talent and impart necessary skills in its students.

250+ Companies recruit from campus every year

  • + LPAMilestone Packages
  • + LPATop 20%
  • + LPATop 80%
Aditya kr Mishra - PGDM Indigo Paints
Garima Agarwal - PGDM BP Global
Debanshu Chowdhury - MBA Dabur
Kumari Juhi - MBA DBS Bank

Program specification

MBA Business Analytics

Elevate your career with a cutting-edge Master of Business Administration program in Business Analytics. The meticulously designed MBA addresses the surging demand for skilled data analysts. A curriculum centered on real-world applications is embraced, enabling individuals to harness the transformative potential of Data Analytics. Expertise is gained to decode business trends, predict industry shifts, and make pivotal data-driven decisions that propel businesses forward. Tailored for those aspiring to thrive in the expansive realm of "data science," the MBA in Business Analytics promises unparalleled career growth, heightened employability, and enhanced earning potential. Furthermore, seamless complementation is provided for individuals focusing on specific business functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, or operations. The future of business leadership is entered, where analytical prowess is identified as the key to success.

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MBA with Specialization in Digital Transformation

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Digital Transformation is a comprehensive program meticulously crafted to equip professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital business. This industry-relevant MBA is designed to meet the growing demand for leaders who can navigate and leverage digital technologies to drive organizational success. The program engages in a dynamic curriculum that covers a wide spectrum of topics, including digital strategy, innovation management, emerging technologies, and organizational change. The emphasis is on developing a deep understanding of how digital transformation impacts various aspects of business, from marketing and operations to finance and customer experience.

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MBA in Marketing

DBS Global University's MBA in Marketing is a transformative program designed to shape strategic marketing leaders. With a focus on cutting-edge marketing strategies, digital transformation, and brand management, the curriculum combines theoretical insights with real-world applications. The programs delve into market research, consumer behaviour, and integrated marketing communication. The program emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving, preparing graduates to navigate the dynamic marketing landscape. Faculty expertise and industry collaboration ensure a comprehensive understanding of global marketing trends. Graduates emerge as adept marketers, ready to drive innovation, create impactful campaigns, and contribute to the success of organizations in today's competitive business environment.

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MBA in Human Resource

The MBA in Human Resources offers a comprehensive blend of business management principles and specialized HR expertise. This program focuses on developing strategic HR leaders equipped with the skills to manage diverse workforces, enhance organizational performance, and foster a positive workplace culture. The programs delve deep into HR functions like recruitment, training, compensation, and employee relations, alongside broader business concepts in finance, marketing, and operations. With a curriculum emphasizing leadership, ethics, and data-driven decision-making, graduates emerge prepared to tackle the complexities of modern HR challenges and drive impactful changes within organizations.

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MBA in Finance

The MBA in Finance program offers a comprehensive understanding of financial theories, markets, and strategic financial management. It program provides analytical skills to make informed financial decisions, emphasizing investment strategies, risk assessment, and financial planning. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, the curriculum covers topics like corporate finance, financial markets, derivatives, and international finance. It provides insights into financial modelling, analysis, and reporting, and prepares for diverse roles in banking, investment, corporate finance, and risk management. The program focuses on nurturing financial leaders capable of navigating complex financial landscapes and driving organizational success through sound financial strategies.

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MBA in International Business

The MBA in International Business at DBS Global University is a transformative program blending business acumen with a global perspective. Designed for future leaders, it equips with strategic insights into international markets, cross-cultural management, and global trade dynamics. The curriculum integrates case studies, simulations, and international experiences, fostering a comprehensive understanding of business on a global scale. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and ethical leadership, graduates emerge ready to navigate the complexities of international business, drive growth, and make a positive impact in a rapidly evolving global economy.

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To pursue this program student must have

Min. 60% in Graduation with appereance in National Level Entrance Examinaiton + Online Interview + Writing Test ( Merit on the basis of cumulative Score on the basis of X+XII+Gradaution + Online Interview + Writing Test )

How to Apply

In order to pursue this program, the students can talk to our counceller or use links below for further details:

Student Speak

Dhruv Tripathi

I am delighted to say that the faculties and the staff has helped me to achieve these dreams. Here, I not only had the chance to develop on my technical skills but also on other aspects such as Leadership & Management skills.

Saswati Pattjoshi

⁠I am very thankful to the department faculty and the placement cell that helped me achieve this while guiding me at every stage. My experience with the placement procedure was really great as I got to learn a lot. The placement cell is very well versed about each step.

Satyam Shekhar

⁠It is a great experience being at DBSGU. Our CDC department has helped a lot during the process of placement. They make sure that each student is well prepared for the interview.

Jyoti Nainwal

I am really thankful towards our college and placement cell, for supporting and providing us opportunities to learn interview skills, communication skills and guiding us in placements. The staff was supportive and informed us with enough notice regarding every placement drive.

Clubs & Activities Endless activities to get you relexed & refreshed when you are not studying

SAP Program

SAP Global Certifications are highly regarded in the industry and can significantly enhance your profile as an SAP consultant. Obtaining these certifications validates your expertise and proficiency in specific SAP modules, providing a competitive edge in the job market.

Global Recognition: Our MBA program is recognized globally for producing industry-ready leaders with SAP expertise.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Stay abreast of the latest developments in SAP with a curriculum designed in collaboration with industry experts.

Practical Learning: Gain hands-on experience through real-world simulations, case studies, and live projects.

Comprehensive SAP Modules: SAP MM, SD, FICO, SCM, SuccessFactors, SAC, and SAP ERPsim.

Industry-Relevant Electives:Customize your learning experience with elective courses aligned with emerging business trends.

International Experiences: Broaden your perspective with global study tours and collaborative projects.

For more information click - https://dgu.ac/school-of-future-skills/sap

SAS Program

SAS specialization provides an opportunity for global certifications. Validate your expertise with certifications from SAS, giving you a competitive advantage in the global job market.SAS - a world leader in analytics. From SAS Programming to Visual Business Analytics, each course is meticulously crafted to enhance your skills in the dynamic field of data analytics.

Global Recognition: Our MBA program is recognized globally for producing industry-ready leaders with SAS expertise.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum: Stay abreast of the latest developments in SAS with a curriculum designed in collaboration with industry experts.

Practical Learning: Gain hands-on experience through real-world simulations, case studies, and live projects.

SAS Modules Essentials (Querying and Reporting-Code based Approach), Programming in Viya (Cloud), SAS® Enterprise Guide®: ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression, Application of Machine Learning Using SAS(R) Viya®

For more information - https://dgu.ac/school-of-future-skills/sas


All students who opt for the international immersion program, undergo an intensive program in one of the major business hubs, (Singapore, Dubai or Malaysia).

In this one week immersion program, students are exposed to leading educational institutions, large financial corporations, trading hubs, & exposed to the international working environment. This helps immensely in broadening the perspectives and exposing the students to leading business methodologies in the world.

We are also going to offer Summer abroad, One year abroad and a Twin Degree Program.


This programme is aimed at creating a discipline of strategic thinking and strategic practice among the participants. Strategic thinking comprises making a set of integrated choices from alternatives under conditions of uncertainty. The programme will equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary for generating alternatives and making choices that would enable their organizations to achieve their business objectives. The experiential learning at 10 days of Residential Program at IIM helps students to learn and imbibe the IIM culture along with DBS.

This programme is offered with specific MBA specialization combination, kindly check the list of combinations and for more detail visit the fee structure button.

Campus Updates

Mar 19 2024

Industrial Visit to India Glycols Ltd.

Today students of MBA II A and BBA VI visited India Glycols Limited, Selaqui,D.Dun. India's...

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Feb 26 2024

UG FAME 2024: Shining a Light on Academic Brilliance and Celebrating Student Achievements Under the Guidance of Dr. Nikhil Kulshreshtha

On February 22nd, 2024, the college auditorium buzzed with excitement as the prestigious UG FAME 2024...

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Oct 25 2023

Exploring The Aesthetic Of Film Production: A Day With Mr. Siddharth Shasta

The Mass Communication department of Doon Business School orchestrated a day filled with cinematic wonders as...

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Placements Enjoy Everyday while
Ensuring Great Career

At DBSGU each student gets the opportunity to appear for more than 250+ companies each year and each student is able to get the optimum placement deserved. The maximum take home salary has been Rs. 20.5 Lakhs & CTC 23.5 Lakhs. Based on the intensity of training and exposure involved in the management program chosen by students at DBSGU, they are offered positions ranging from Mid-level Manager, Functional Expert, Consultant (Entry Level), Entry Level Managerial and Domain Trained positions.

Interested in this program? Talk to counsellor @ +91 7259162060
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