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About the Program

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that is widely used for various tasks ranging from simple data entry to complex data analysis and visualization.

Excel skills are valuable in many professions, and users often categorize their Excel proficiency into basic and advanced levels.

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Here's an overview of basic and advanced Excel skills:

Basic Excel Skills

Data Entry

Basic understanding of entering data into cells, columns, and rows.

Formatting Cells

Changing font styles, sizes, and colors.Adjusting cell alignment and applying basic formatting.

Basic Formulas

Using basic formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and simple arithmetic operations.Understanding cell references (absolute and relative).

Sorting and Filtering

Sorting data alphabetically or numerically.Applying filters to organize and analyze data.

Basic Charts

Creating simple charts like bar charts, line charts, and pie charts.

Basic Functions

Using functions like IF, VLOOKUP, and HLOOKUP.Understanding the basics of logical functions.

Page Setup and Printing

Adjusting page layout settings. Printing worksheets and workbooks.

Data Validation

Applying data validation rules to ensure data accuracy.

Managing Worksheets

Inserting, deleting, and renaming worksheets. Basic navigation between worksheets.

. Cell References

Understanding the difference between relative, absolute, and mixed cell references.

Advanced Excel Skills

Advanced Formulas

Working with advanced functions like INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET, and array formulas. Mastering nested functions.


Creating PivotTables for data analysis and summarization. Using PivotTable features like grouping, calculated fields, and slicers.

Advanced Charting

Creating dynamic and interactive charts. Using advanced chart features such as trendlines and dual-axis charts.

Data Analysis Tools

Using tools like Data Tables, Scenario Manager, and Solver for advanced data analysis and decision-making.

Conditional Formatting

Applying advanced conditional formatting rules. Using formulas for conditional formatting.

Power Query and Power Pivot

Importing and transforming data using Power Query. Building data models and performing advanced analysis with Power Pivot.

Macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Automating repetitive tasks with macros.

Writing and editing VBA code for advanced customization.

Data Consolidation and Analysis

Consolidating data from multiple worksheets or workbooks. Conducting advanced data analysis using statistical functions.

Advanced Data Validation

Using custom formulas for data validation. Implementing drop-down lists and dependent validation.

. Dynamic Named Ranges

Creating and using dynamic named ranges for flexible data references.

Mastering advanced Excel skills can significantly enhance your ability to analyze data, create sophisticated reports, and automate complex tasks. Many professionals in finance, analytics, and other data-driven fields benefit from advanced Excel proficiency. Continuous learning and practice are essential to stay proficient in both basic and advanced Excel skills.

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Student Speak

Dhruv Tripathi

I am delighted to say that the faculties and the staff has helped me to achieve these dreams. Here, I not only had the chance to develop on my technical skills but also on other aspects such as Leadership & Management skills.

Saswati Pattjoshi

⁠I am very thankful to the department faculty and the placement cell that helped me achieve this while guiding me at every stage. My experience with the placement procedure was really great as I got to learn a lot. The placement cell is very well versed about each step.

Satyam Shekhar

⁠It is a great experience being at DBSGU. Our CDC department has helped a lot during the process of placement. They make sure that each student is well prepared for the interview.

Jyoti Nainwal

I am really thankful towards our college and placement cell, for supporting and providing us opportunities to learn interview skills, communication skills and guiding us in placements. The staff was supportive and informed us with enough notice regarding every placement drive.

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